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J.C. Healthcare & Associates is now offering medical weight-loss program which can help boost the body's metabolism and shed pounds in weeks..not months.

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Losing weight and getting fit can be hard.


When you have tried to change your lifestyle and lose weight multiple times with the wrong strategies, it can be frustrating. Starting in our 30's our bodies can begin to show signs of slow metabolism and our ability to lose weight declines.


At J.C. Healthcare & Associates, we believe that achieving your goals starts with the right support and coaching. Our direct primary care providers will educate you on a lifestyle change, not a diet.


We offer personalized coaching during the month and provide prescriptions to help support your journey. We will provide you a comprehensive initial consult including lab work to tailor the best approach for your weighth-loss goals. 



Semaglutide is an injectable medication that aides and weight loss by working on the appetite receptors in the brain to reduce feelings of hunger and cravings.

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 We are committed to improving the health and well being of all our clients. We have a monthly inclusions of all services needed to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Ready To Take Control of Your Weight and Health Today?


Contact Us Today, For a FREE Weight Loss Consultation.

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